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Rubber roof defects

Rubber roofing systems, or EPDM, have been successfully used on residential roofs for over 40 years. Low sloping or flat roof surfaces that provide challenges for traditional roofing system are easily overcome by a rubber roof. Take ponding for example. A traditional roll roof or tar build up roof can suffer adversely from water that lays (ponds) […]

Thermography services added

Precise Inspecting is proud to announce the addition of infrared technology to its home inspection services. Infrared imaging, or thermography, is a physical science that allows for the capture of light in the infrared spectrum of the light scale. It measures an object’s heat radiating off itself. Heat loss, moisture penetration, and electrical panel overload are the three areas […]

Inspecting roofs

Roofs present many potential issues (like in this video) that can only be discovered by climbing up and making a visual inspection, which I prefer to do whenever it’s safe.  


Considering a roof overlay? Think again.

Recently I inspected the roof pictured above. My visual inspection revealed at least three layers of asphalt shingles. Without removing each layer there was no way to be sure that a fourth lay hidden beneath. Most homeowners who opt for a re-roof do so to save money in labor costs. Under ideal circumstances, the average savings is about 25%. Those ideal circumstances include solid decking, […]

New name … Same company

        Recently Precision Inspecting, LLC underwent a name change to Precise Inspecting, LLC. The reason for the change was to avoid confusion with another home inspecting company in the Mechanicsburg area whose name is Precision Inspections and Radon Solutions. My desire is to continue to offer quality home inspections and ancillary services […]

Confidentiality and HB 1001

The new home inspection law HB1001 addresses an important issue regarding the confidentiality of the home inspector’s report as it pertains to the buyer and his/her agent. The letter of the law reads: Confidentiality Except as otherwise required by this subsection or by law, a home inspector may not deliver a home inspection report to a person other […]

HB 1001 – Home Inspection Law- The Report

The new home inspection law HB1001 working its way through the PA legislature also calls for specific requirements for the home inspector’s report. In addition to requiring the report to be typewritten, a PA home inspector’s report must include all of the following: A description of the scope of the inspection. A description of material defects noted during […]

HB 1001 – Home Inspection law- The Contract

The new home inspection law HB1001 working its way through the PA legislature codifies the home inspector’s contract with his/her client. Many inspectors already include these provisions but a couple important ones will now be required. Here’s the full list: Signature of client. Scope of home inspection.  Fee charged to client. Contact information of home […]

HB 1001 – Home Inspection law, prohibited acts

Soon to be voted on, HB1001 outlines prohibited acts that a licensed home inspector in Pennsylvania shall not engage in. They are summed up as follows: (1)  Performing any repairs to a structure for an additional fee for which the home inspector has prepared a home inspection report within the preceding 12 months. Except for radon or wood-destroying […]