Home Inspection FAQ

A Home Inspection is an important step in the home buying process and it can come with a lot of questions. 

Here are some of the questions we get asked often and my answers. We hope this helps you as you are researching the home inspection process!

Why is Getting a Home Inspection Important?

Knowing the condition of your prospective home makes good sense. It’s a significant financial investment so you want to go in with your eyes open. A home inspection gives you the eyes on data you need to make your decision and to negotiate a fair and reasonable price.

What are the Most Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection?

The most common issues we see in Pennsylvania are

  • mold
  • electrical outlet defects
  • spouting and gutter problems
  • roof installation defects
  • old plumbing and electrical materials
  • wet basements
  • deck safety issues
  • handrail issues

Some of these issues are minor but can become problematic if not caught quickly.

Who Should Get a Home Inspection?

Everyone should get a home inspection. All homes, new and old have defects that a homeowner should be aware of before they purchase their home.

Home Inspections are not only useful for homebuyers, they are also useful if you are selling your home or if you just want to know the current condition of your home.

Sellers can use a home inspection report to proactively take care of any defects before they put their house on the market.

Homeowners can utilize a home inspection to see if their house is still in good condition after a couple years or if they have made any major improvements, they can make sure those improvements were done correctly.

What does a Home Inspection Cost?

The average fee for a home inspection is between $400 and $500. Because price is determined by square footage, age of home and utilities each home inspection is custom priced.

Should the Buyer be Present for the Home Inspection?

No, but it helps. When the buyer is present he/she can she what will be put in the report in 3 dimension and they can hear a carefully worded explanation for why a particular defect ends up in the report. It is also a great time to get familiar with your home and ask your home inspector any questions you have!

Should the Seller be Present for the Home Inspection?

No, in fact the owner should not be there. This avoids any potential conflict of interest that might arise between the buyer and the inspector.

What do you Think about this House?

Or, would you let your daughter buy this house? Legally we can’t tell you to buy the house or not, we can just give you the facts to make an informed decision! Your realtor is qualified to advise you on your final purchase.

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