Home Maintenance Tips to do While in Quarantine

During the current state of the world, you might be looking for things to do to keep you busy! Well, you’re in luck, because we have put together some easy home maintenance tips that you can do when you’re social distancing at home! 

These are not only things to keep you busy, but are great to help maintain your home’s health! 

1. Ramp Up Curb Appeal

Perhaps you’ve been needing to prune the trees in your yard, or finish up the paint on your home. This is the ideal opportunity to do it! Springtime is an extraordinary time to plant new blossoms and greenery, and since you’re likely at home during this time, this is an incredible time to handle those ventures! 

Cleaning up the paint on the outside of your home won’t just improve your home look, it will likewise keep your home shielded from the blistering summer sun, downpour, and other climate and weather changes.

2. Change Out Your Storm Window for Screens

If your home has windows that you can replace the screens with glass during the winter, now is a great time to swap them for your summer screens! Screen doors are included in this! 

Swapping out glass for screens will help keep your home cool since the weather is starting to heat up, but it will also allow fresh, clean air to circulate through your home. Since most people have been staying indoors and working from home, the air in your home should be aired out with fresh air from the outdoors! 

This will help any allergens and germs that have been building up during your quarantine to release and will help keep your home – and you – healthy! 

3. Repaint & Reseal Wood 

Fences, decks, patios, and any other exposed wood elements of your home need to be taken care of. Overtime, paint, staining, and sealants begin to peel and crack from normal wear and tear caused by the sun, snow, wind and rain. 

Being in quarantine likely means that you have more freetime to do things around the house, so this is a great time to work on your wooden home materials. Restaining decks & fences will increase the longevity of them, and keep them in good condition for the rest of the year! 

Not to mention, freshly stained and painted wood looks great, and will make your home look even better!

4. Clean Vents & Baseboards

Vents and air conduits gather residue and flotsam and jetsam from the air over the winter, and can trap allergens in them, which makes the air in your house be less perfect. Getting out vents and channels is an incredible activity, since it will permit cleaner air to course through your home, and can diminish sensitivities and affliction. 

Baseboards likewise gather dust from normal day-today life, opening entryways and getting dust. Cleaning baseboards is an extraordinary method to clear up additional grime and keep your home clean!

Finish Projects You’ve Been Putting Off!

Quarantine is the perfect time to start – or finish – those things that you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t had time or didn’t feel like doing. If you got a home inspection on your home before moving in, break out the report and repair things that the inspector took note of. 

If you are thinking about putting your home up for sale later this year, spruce up your home by repainting, replacing old fixtures and faucets, and doing general maintenance! 

Staying at home during this time doesn’t have to be a bad thing, use it as an opportunity to make your home the place you’ve always envisioned it to be! 

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