HB 1001 passed the House on October 17, and was sent to the Senate. On November 1st it was referred to the Senate Labor and Industry Committee. If enacted, the bill will regulate home inspectors by establishing the Home Inspection Licensing Board.

The board will be made up of six home inspectors, three members of the general public, one real estate agent and one engineer. Some of the responsibilities of the new board include:

  • Defining the standards of practice for a home inspection.
  • Creating a licensure program with fees.
  • Enacting and enforcing safety standards.
  • Provide for disciplinary action for non compliance.
  • Providing for remedies and for penalties.

Two items of significance are being proposed.

  1. If a home inspector identifies an immediate threat to safety he will be required to post a notice on the front door of the home noting the specific safety issue, before completing his inspection.
  2. A requirement to report on the visible evidence of mold, mildew or fungi and to disclose these findings in the report.

The overall effect of the bill should provide for safer and more professional real estate transactions. Once the bill clears Labor and Industry, it will go to the Senate for a vote.

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