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COVID-19 Protocols for Home Inspections

UPDATE 3/23/20The Officers of LCAR  (Lancaster Association of Realtors) is advising that  all “in-person” meetings or events such as Showings, Open Houses, Inspections, etc. are prohibited. As a result we will only inspect empty homes at this time. See below for more specifics.

Request buyers, agents and homeowners not attend inspection

While the government guidelines are in place, we will be asking the homebuyer and their agent not to attend the inspection. When the inspection is completed and the full report is delivered, your inspector will be available by phone to review the findings. In addition, we are asking homeowners to vacate the home during the inspection.

Health-safety protocols

We will be implementing the following protocols at each inspection:

  • The inspector will refrain from all hand to face contact
  • Wash hands prior to and at the end of every inspection.
  • Wear latex gloves during the inspection.
  • Bring personal hand towels or paper towels for washing and drying hands.
  • Keep hand sanitizer nearby and use it when needed.
  • Avoid all person to person contact.
  • If our inspector has a fever or cough, we will not conduct the inspection.

As the situation unfolds we will make all necessary changes in order to secure the safety of our clients, agents and homeowners. We hope and pray that we will all see an early end to this crisis.

– indebted my fellow inspector Reuben Saltzman for many of these thoughts
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