HB1001 update!

HB1001, which I previously reported on (here), is being brought up by the Senate Labor and Industry Committee next Tuesday, January 23. The intention is to consider the bill as drafted without amendment. In as much as regulations can slow things down, this bill appears to be a good step forward in protecting Pennsylvania home buyers and by setting quality standards for home inspectors.

“In the near future, we plan to re-introduce legislation that will require licensure for all home inspectors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Previously introduced as HB 1421)

A home is most likely the largest, most valuable asset a person purchases in their lifetime, but can quickly turn into the largest nightmare if a home inspection is not conducted completely or properly. Not reporting vital information to a homeowner or prospective homeowner can lead to costly repairs, health issues, and burdens that nobody should have to bear.

Currently, home inspectors are not held to any specific professional standard. This means that although the home inspection report is heavily relied upo, if a home inspector failed to report an issue to a homeowner or prospective homeowner, there is little or no recourse available. This legislation will set statewide standards for the profession of home inspecting and standards for the home inspection report.”     – Bill and Amendments

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