HB1001 … the details

The bill coming before the PA Senate this week is 32 pages long. For anyone interested, and that should include real agents and home inspectors, The PA General Assembly will soon be voting on HB1001. The act broadly proposes the

“Regulating home of inspectors; establishment of  the Home Inspection Licensing Board; provisions for licensure and practice, for disciplinary action, for remedies and for penalties; for making an appropriation; and for repealing provisions relating to home inspections.”

In putting forth these regulations the act seeks to accomplish

  1. Enforce certain safety standards through regulation,
  2. Promote the public health, safety, and welfare,
  3. Set educational standards to protect the public from unqualified and unscrupulous inspectors,
  4. And to provide consumer protection, both economically and legally.

In future posts, I will highlight other important aspects of the bill.


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