HB1001 – The Board

HB1001 calls for the establishment of a board to oversee the home inspection profession in the state of PA. The newly formed Home Inspection Licensing Board will be composed of:

  • A secretary or a designee of the secretary.
  • The Attorney General or a designee of the Attorney General.
  • Six home inspectors who are licensed in the Commonwealth.
  • Three members of the general public without expertise or training as a home inspector.
  • One real estate agent or broker who is licensed in the Commonwealth.
  • One engineer or architect licensed in the Commonwealth.

Some of the powers and duties of the newly created Board will be:

  • Grant licenses to home inspectors.
  • Oversee regulations.
  • Examine, deny, approve, issue, revoke, suspend or renew home inspection licenses.
  • Conduct hearings on complaints.
  • Establish requirements for continuing education.
  • Spend money 🙂.
  • Submit a yearly report to the House and Senate.
  • Submit an annual budget request.
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of licensed home inspectors in PA.
  • Establish licensing fees.

Next post will be on requirements for licensure.

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